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Successful listing and trading:

Soon: listing on other centralized and decentralized exchanges. Negotiations are in process.

What is that

The sharpay is the share and multi-share button for sites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion for users. Multisharing is an opportunity to share the content in several networks in one click. Users receive rewards for the act of sharing or for the visits of other users via the shared links (depends on site settings). All that means the conversion growth for sites and comfortable sharing for users.

The sharpay button can look like anything, for example, it can be designed like on this page or customized for the any webdesign you wish. The sharpay button can be any color and shape, it can have any logos of connected social networks. The main feature of the button is the code, which is activated when you click on the button. Also, we can use your own design and match it with our code.


Now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr, Weibo, OK, Medium, Kakao are already connected to the multisharing of the working version of the sharpay button. You can also copy a direct unique link and share it yourself on forums, blogs and in comments.

We are continuing to work on connecting new social networks, like WeChat, Pinterest, QQ, G +, Viber, LiveJournal and others.

How it works
for sites

* Site’s admin sees the ad and goes to sharpay.io – in the account on sharpay.io, all actions in the interests of the site are performed by its owner or administrator (manager), if there is an appropriate commission and authority.

How it works
for users

* The user goes to any site – the user's redirection online to any site that has already installed the sharpay, multi-sharing button, instead of all the usual share-buttons

** Clicks the animated sharpay button — at the time of the first sharing, the user automatically creates a personal cabinet in sharpay

*** Shares content – the user published a link to interesting content on his/her pages in social networks, in one or more at his/her discretion

**** Withdraws tokens – through a quarterly sharpay program of buying tokens, or through crypto-exchanges

***** Receive notification of a new content according to the targeting — sharpay sends to users, who meet specified criteria, notifications about the possibility to share new interesting content that sites promote for tokens

Advantages of multisharing
and stimulating with tokens

increase conversions
distribution of the sites content in social networks
increase of sites KPI
number of active users, views,
registrations, sales
traffic increase
to sites
and the possibility of earning tokens
(digital currency, crypto-currency)

Timeline & roadmap


The idea, patent applications to Rospatent (RF) and EAPO (Eurasia), the formation of the project concept


Obtaining the first patent of the Russian Federation, start of the project development


Testing the prototype, pilot installation of multisharing buttons on sites


Filing the first patent application in the USA, finalization of the system


Start of adaptation of the project to blockchain, improvement of the concept


Launch of MVP sharpay.io, opening of the international patent PCT-priority for the new application for 152 countries, Presale, preparation for Token Sale


Holding Token Sale, withdrawal of tokens under the project to international crypto-exchanges, development of the main functionality, development of buttons for mobile apps, promotion and sales in Europe and Asia, transfer of international patent PCT-priority to national patenting phases


Launch of the blockchain (based on BitShares fork), migration of tokens to the blockchain system, adaptation of the project to the requirements of national regulators, entering the markets of the United States, Canada and Latin America


Obtaining national patents, development and implementation of partner programs with websites and online stores of exchanging goods and services for sharpay token users, scaling of the project, access to all of the most important markets in the world, active marketing and sales

Emission &
distribution of tokens

Emission: 4 billion | Nominal price: 0.00003 ETH
sale of tokens
Reserve for the system operation
Bonus for the Team
Bonus for investors
in the early stages
Reward to the advisers
Bounty program

Why we need a blockchain

Stage 1:

Emission on Ethereum according to the ERC20 standard of the required volume of tokens for free sale, provision of the internal economy of the project, and for distribution among users for multisharing and promotion of content – the blockchain is used as a financial register.

Stage 2:

To increase the throughput and reduce commissions, the development and launch of an independent decentralized blockchain (BitShares fork with a POS-basis), followed by the migration of tokens – the blockchain is used to issue, distribute tokens between sites and users for social activity, and to store information.

Starting from the second stage, the income from the blockchain will be received not only by users, but also by sites for the installed buttons.

Structure of expenses

The financial assets involved in the ongoing Token Sale campaign, in the next 3 years will be aimed at achieving the goals defined by our Roadmap. The key expenditure items for us are "Development" and "Marketing and sales."

Marketing and Sales
Legal and patent costs
Administrative costs
Other costs

Our Advisers

Ken Huang
Well-known Blockchain Consultant

Worked for CGI Federal office in USA as Director of Cyber Security, and Director of Cloud Security. He established CGI Federal Identity Management Practice, and Cyber Security Competence Center. While working for CGI as Executive Consultant, Ken consulted the United States Federal Government, financial institutions, and utility companies and provided expertise in Finance, Blockchain, and Cyber Security. He graduated from Zhejian Normal University, Xian Jiaotong University in China and University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Simon Choi
Fintech & ICO Lawyer

International lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, qualified to practise law in England & Wales, and in Hong Kong, China. He is well known blockchain speaker and blogger, world top rated expert by icobench.com. Simon graduated from the law schools of Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong respectively. Simon provides advising and reviewing new blockchain regulations in various jurisdictions to ensure the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies towards blockchain technology.

Vincent Mascart
Blockchains Witness, Developer & Blogger

Entrepreneur, Developer, founder of several companies, has provided consultancy to several international companies and is now totally focused on blockchain technologies. Blockchain enthusiast, оne of the TOP bloggers in the Steemit and Golos Blockchains. Witness for multiple DPOS projects (Steemit, Golos etc.), has succesfully created and deployed several blockchain based applications. Speaks French, English, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and is learning Russian.

Igor Karavaev
ICObench TOP Expert

Ex-executive Director at the Skolkovo Foundation, one of the largest global start-ups accelerators. Also served as director of development for a variety of major international corporations.

Arkady Yasashny
Fintech Expert

Ex-top manager of the largest Russian banks (VTB, MDM, Union), entrepreneur, investor in high-tech start-ups.

Our Team

Anton Solodikov

IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist, inventor, author of patent and international patent applications for content promotion, previously, the CEO at Balalike LLP UK (development of content monetization systems) and CMO at GOLOS.io (blockchain and social network, tokens x40).

Alexey Stukarchuk

Blockchain enthusiast, experienced developer of ERP and CRM-systems of international companies (Skoda, Bosch, Ulmart), developer of mobile apps (iOS, Android), head of the development team.

Levi Yau
Regional Manager

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, travel marketplace startup founder in Hong Kong.

Ilya Afanasiev
Support Engineer

Certified specialist in automatic systems of data processing; lives in China, fluently speaks Russian, English & Chinese.

Katerina Molodova
SMM Manager

Professional in public relations, has strong experience in SMM, content marketing, advertising and event marketing.

Vadim Scherbak
Community Manager

Tech evangelist, researcher, innovator, has more than 10 years experience in IT communications.