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Sharpay First Listings Airdrop rules

Congratulations on the start of S (Sharpay) tokens trading on the open international cryptocurrency market!

In honor of this, we are announcing Sharpay First Listings Airdrop for all token holders, whose token packs will increase in the next 3 months, from August 26 to November 30, 2018.

Sharpay First Listings Airdrop is open to all buyers of our tokens, who previously bought tokens on Token Sale.

To participate in Sharpay First Listings Airdrop, you need to go to and enter your public ETH address with the balance of S tokens.

Here is the course of action

  1. During the period from August 26 to November 30, 2018, enter your public ETH address in the special field on the page with the balance of S tokens that you had bought during Sharpay Token Sale from December 11, 2017, to June 1, 2018.
  2. We will check if there are S tokens in your balance and that you received them from our Official Token Sale ETH address.
  3. In the period from August 26 to November 30, 2018, increase your balance of S tokens by 5%.
  • Attention! Your balance of S tokens should not be decreased! It should be only increased!
  1. To do this, buy +5% (or more) of our S tokens on any of the crypto exchanges where our S tokens are traded. For example IDEX, Simex or EtherDelta.
  2. December 1, 2018, we will automatically check your S token balance in your public ETH address.
  3. If you increase your S Token balance by 5% or more, we will automatically give you additional +5% S tokens (of your Token Sale balance) on December 1, 2018, for free!

Attention! You only need to enter your public ETH address on our official website, nowhere else! Also, we never asked and will never ask for your passwords or private keys!

If necessary, we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions.

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